Collaboration and cohesion within
a team are the ingredients of
organisational success

Team Coaching is an activity carried out by INSIDE professionals to improve human resources’ capacity to work in teams.

Our interventions involve active interaction between all team members, alternating periods of Coaching with phases of feedback and sharing.

INSIDE Team Coaching may be:

  • vertical: involving the team and its manager
  • horizontal: involving those who do not normally work together in teams
  • managerial: participating as a Coach in business meetings, defining objectives, listening, observing, interacting and offering feedback
  • project: involving professional functions including sales, technical, etc.

Analysing and
key issues

The objectives of Team
Coaching are:

  • to analyse and overcome key issues, explore new solutions and instil behaviour that is more effective for dealing with organisational challenges
  • to define corporate strategies, and manage organisational change, start-up phases and specific projects
  • to improve teamwork, group morale, develop a sense of belonging and create a common vision, clarifying strategies, roles, responsibilities, and improving communication processes and the quality of relationships
  • to reinforce leadership by activating decisional and problem-solving capacities
  • to improve effectiveness, performance and team synergy, resolving conflicts and issues of group dynamics, favouring a culture of feedback and a new working modality based on collaboration

The method



Team Coaching delivers a concrete improvement and enhanced performance efficiency by means of motivational activities aimed at reawakening a group’s satisfaction, productivity, quality and innovation.



Through Coaching activities group members are encouraged to define objectives and work by following an integrated process which foresees interrelations and interaction between the individual team members.



The Coach stimulates motivation, creativity and the team’s decisional capacity through questioning, reflection and the operational tasks which the group, and each individual within it, commits to carrying out.



Flexibility and alignment continue to enable us to achieve perfect harmonisation with the project’s objective.

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