Seminars based on the principle
of training as a process of
continuous development

Through our seminars we involve people emotionally, using the opportunity individually and collectively to listen, reflect and, most of all, for people to know themselves, to experiment and to change.

These journeys allow individuals to acquire useful material for their personal development, which goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of their role within the corporate environment.

Involving the
individual in
every aspect

Our training

  • analysing training needs
  • planning and conducting seminars, training programmes, workshops on specific    topics
  • in-the-field application and follow up
  • managerial shadowing
  • in-company activities
  • continuous feedback on activities

The method


Dynamic activities

A mix of lessons, individual and group exercises, role plays, simulations and didactic games.
The activities are never the same, precisely because they are planned and developed case by case according to the needs of the client.



Our objective is to involve the individual in every aspect. We pay particular attention to analysing and gaining knowledge of the corporate culture, including specific needs and objectives, thereby enhancing experiments in the field, follow-up and evaluation.



We commit to co-planning with the client company, encouraging, as much as possible, the participants inside and outside the training room, with guided interviews and testing in the field. What we are seeking is a good correspondence between lived reality and the wishes of the client.

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