Evaluating human capital
on the basis of behaviour
actually observed

We at INSIDE have consolidated experience in the use of the Feedback 360° tool. This is crucial in the evaluation of human capital on the basis of behaviour observed in the working environment while individuals are carrying out their specific duties.

Feedback 360° is an activity that enjoys a high level of satisfaction in the process of developing managerial competences, given that it facilitates and spurs professional growth.

actions and

A powerful tool for developing
managers, resulting in:

  • raising self-awareness and confidence in their own effectiveness and actions
  • optimising perceptions, providing timely feedback on the principal areas of strength and those that require improvement
  • identifying a development pathway in relation to managers’ objectives, inclinations and professional abilities
  • disseminating and communicating a successful managerial and behavioural model
  • planning, organising and coordinating development initiatives in a systematic manner
  • monitoring, evaluating and verifying initiatives for personal growth and development

The method



Using a questionnaire created ad hoc and complied by individuals online, a range of observations are gathered from various observers. The questions are formulated so as to reveal behavioural interconnections and enable each Manager’s leadership style to be identified.



The results from the questionnaire are used to map a reference system and for comparison with a Manager’s self-evaluation.



Feedback meetings are organised, during which the INSIDE Coaches help the managers to interpret the results, embracing a systemic approach. The meetings facilitate awareness and understanding. The managers identify the actions relevant to their personal and organisational development objectives, and to their role.



Each meeting ends with the determination of an individual and organisational development plan, which is the result of a process of reflection and cognitive elaboration.

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