We develop individual and
relational leadership

Each Executive Coaching programme is built on the basis of an individual’s personal characteristics, the organisational role covered and the specific relational and organisational system. In this way we give a voice to unrealised potential, through actions that produce concrete results.

The results of INSIDE’s Executive Coaching programme:

  • lead a manager to reflect and act
  • initiate long-lasting processes of improvement
  • concentrate participants’minds on real business facts, actions and situations
  • encourage learning based on experience

Through Executive Coaching, a manager learns new tools that can be applied in daily life. The process of individual improvement also has a positive impact in terms of relationships and the team the Manager collaborates with, giving rise to a “virtuous circle”.

A positive and productive flow is generated, and participants develop their ability to adopt creative and innovative strategies, which they share proactively. The Manager becomes the leader and accepted point of reference, able to reach complex objectives by taking an overview of the situation.


Our Coaches work alongside
people and companies to:

  • develop awareness of the competences and the strategies that should be put into practice in order to respond effectively to personal, professional and organisational needs
  • liberate potential and bring capacities to fruition, working on self-awareness, motivation and unrealised resources
  • improve performance, focusing on growth and objectives, tapping into personal resources
  • accelerate growth, favouring change and a propensity for action
  • provide the tools needed to deal with new responsibilities, periods of stress and change

The method


The Individual
at the centre 

We create programmes based on emotional, cognitive and behavioural personal characteristics.



We propose learning based on experience. We leverage people’s awareness, motivation, sharing and co-responsibility.



By taking the role of Coach we offer an external point of view, and we create the conditions needed to increase awareness, develop individuals’ potential and improve both individual and group performance.


Growing by

We lay the foundations of an organisational culture centred on knowledge, on continuous learning and development, triggering processes of improvement and pushing towards action.



Through this programme managers develop strategic capability and emotional intelligence, acting with determination and overcoming difficulties to reach performance objectives, facilitating and sustaining change.

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