How best to manage change and
transform it into a success factor?

It is by now clear to everyone that change is inevitable, and a company must be ready to face the challenge.

The organisation and the system are the two levers on which our coaches focus when creating programmes that are most appropriate for supporting companies through change.

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Every Change Management
programme consists of 5 phases:

  • carrying out a detailed and deep study of the business organisation in order to establish the various levels to operate at
  • setting, in partnership with the company, the objectives, timescales, and methods for involving interested parties
  • developing the change plan, deciding how it will operate effectively on the basis of key issues and points of strength, defining appropriate behaviour and relationships that need to be managed
  • implementing the actual plan, monitoring the effects produced by the organisational and systemic changes after the coaching period, as well as applying ongoing “corrections”, in order to improve performance and reach objectives
  • the final phase is the Energy Lab, which offers further support to guarantee motivational energy.
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