We work on development,
applying our maieutic philosophy
to the field of coaching


Coaching is a learning process, a personal transformation which leads to an acceleration and development of individual, professional and relational potential and capacity.

The objectives we achieve through our work are:

  • accelerating and facilitating development processes
  • supporting managers called upon to face periods of change
  • supporting managers called upon to take on more complex roles and greater responsibilities
  • accelerating performance
  • working alongside managers to achieve professional development
  • motivating and developing key figures in the company


Our Philosophy

We in INSIDE believe that Coaching is an evolutionary process which “goes further”. It targets personal and corporate results and leads to a deep and permanent transformation. This is a cognitive process, involving powerful learning which results in the client becoming aware of objectives and formulating innovative and winning strategies.

We believe that internal leadership is a form of positive energy that also manifests itself externally, leading to greater awareness when implementing innovative strategies while embracing a culture of change. The philosophy of INSIDE Coaching is systemic: at the centre we place the individual, their emotional, personal, professional and relational traits; we consider the context in which they operate, their interpersonal relationships, and their business and corporate objectives.

The Team

We are passionate Executive Coaches, all qualified with and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

We share a solid business background, with long experience of covering prominent management roles in both Italian and international companies and organisations. The Coaches working with INSIDE are experts who are trained in personal and leadership development using psycho-social analysis methods.


This vast experience, the effectiveness of the models and the focus on technology make INSIDE Executive Coaches expert catalysers and attentive listeners to client objectives.

We challenge clients to move out of their comfort zone, to work on their points of strength and to develop their own potential, achieving lasting and fruitful results.
We believe that the Coach-Client relationship is based on trust, transparency, confidentiality, discretion, cooperation and mutual responsibility.

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